The first production line of Autoline V-STRAIGHT WINES in Vietnam – Laser CNC VietNam

The first production line of Autoline V-STRAIGHT WINES in Vietnam

Outstanding features CNC plasma cutting machine NOVI 5000F
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine NOVI 5000F is an innovative product of NOVI 5000B, cutting speed up to 20m / min. The quality of the cut is clearly visible, sharp, accurate, very simple but not all cutters achieve such quality. That’s why you should choose NOVI 5000F from Ngoc Viet CNC.

Tolerance repeats 0.01 to 0.1 mm. With adjustable turntable cylinder pair up and down.
Friendly icons.
AC Servo yaskawa and rotary encoder, motor to cut cutting torch to precise cutting position.
Easily increase or decrease the ratio. The separate wing for cleaning, staging and cutting stainless steel limits dust under the metal plate.
Image feedback. The manifold develops wind duct.
There is memory for sheet slabs. There are 3-D display fitting and store the fitting kit used.
Automatic cutting speed adjustment. Welded steel pipe frame with special hardness and stability
Cutting velocities were individually installed with different cutting trajectories. Road and axle x linear bearings.
Rotary encoder and feedback positioning information. The y-axis guide grinding is smoothed.
Safe electromagnetic sensor switch, emergency stop button fitted standard. grounded and hardened with a diameter of 40mm.
High quality cutting accuracy is achieved on all thicknesses of cut material design. Other high-performance components are made to operate in a sustainable manner.
Cutting head and japan cutter.
NOVI 5000F is a standard plasma cutting machine with compact size and low cost. Not just a machine, it is a work of art. Owning a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine NOVI 5000F is a competitive advantage of your business.

Strength and stability

The machine is made of thick steel frame with integrity structure, we accept the machine design at a greater cost to be confident that: “No CNC Plasma cutting machine in Vietnam now can compete Strength with NOVI 5000F “. Many people argue that it is not necessary to use good and thick steel to make the body, instead of the thinner steel, but really does not do so, the cutter will not work as well as it should. and the ability to reconstruct the machine.

Technology and creativity

NOVI 5000F adopts advanced technology in the matter of twisting and pulling of belts. Belts used in NOVI 5000F are not the same as those of China or other manufacturers in Vietnam. Has all 24 wires in two layers of rubber Premium helps straps can pull up to 1350 pounds without bending or stretching, which helps the machine can operate smoothly and accurately.

Power and accuracy

The focus and advantage of the NOVI 5000F plasma plasma cutting machine is the use of the AC Servo yaskawa motor. The Y-axis of the engine is fitted with a longitudinal steel rod that moves horizontally across the cutting table, and is pulled by the toothed belt travel system. This ensures the regularity, precision and flexibility of the cutterhead. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Novi 5000F uses torch to the latest technology currently can trim conventional materials as thick as 20mm, cutting speed up to 20m / min, while leaving cuts sharp and accurate each mm as planned from the control system. Owing to the NOVI 5000F plasma cutting machine, it will greatly increase productivity and save a lot of effort.


All these enhancements make it easy for employees to operate the machine in a comfortable and efficient way, increasing productivity for your business.

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